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I am a Software Engineer and I am passionate
about my programming projects, good music, sharing stuff, taking pictures and more...


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I am currently a Software Engineering who graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I have only met one person in my life with my first name. I am in love with the internet and I am interested in tech related topics, Internet startups, self development (Well, what ever that means to me at that particular time) and hanging out with good friends.

I started this website as a place for me to share his ideas, random stuff I find interesting on the internet and a way for me to share my portfolio work (such as personal projects and assignments) with anyone that is interested.

Random Facts About Adim

-I am the first of two children in his family
-I find the smell of coffee inspiring
-I went bungee jumping in mexico
-I am a co-founder of the Nigerian Pidgin Dictionary
-I am a co founder of
-I am proof that humans actually have an internal alarm clock
-I won the Nigerian National Biology Olympiad in 2004


Adim's Friends:

Obilo Nwokogba and Chukwuma Morah

Where you can find Adim:

facebook | lastfm | twitter | tumblr


The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it
~ Wiliam James





Some noteable projects I did outside class... screenshot
Naija Lingo is an open online Pidgin English Dictionary. A brainchild of Obilo Nwokogba and I. We created this website in the summer of 2007 in order to document Nigerian Pidgin English. We did this by making it possible to for Nigerians all over the world to contribute to this online repository and build a comprehensive Nigerian Pidgin English Dictionary [built from gound up by us using PHP and MySql]
options watcher [iphone app] screenshot
Options Watcher is an iPhone application used to calculate option prices of a particular stock price. In this project I played the technical lead while Ademiju Allen was the financial brain and force behind the actualization of this project. This app can now be found in the iPhone App store. [Status: Undergoing rigorous testing | Languages Objective - C] - March 2009 screenshot
This was a social network for connecting Nigerians all around the world together. This site held 5,000+ members, where hundreds of messages and posts were created daily. This site was built from the ground up and maintained by Obilo Nwokogba and I. It was launched January 2006 but died in the summer of 2008 mainly due to lack of funding and numerous hacking attacks. This site no longer exists, maybe it will make a comeback someday. [Status: Dead | Languages: PHP and MySql] was a website dedicated to Adesoye College Alumni's. It was built to keep the school and its Alumni in touch. It had features such as a photogallery and and forum to keep people in touch and communicating after leaving Highschool. It ended due to lack of financial support. This site was built from the groud up and maintained entirely by Obilo Nwokogba and I in 2004 till 2006. [built using PHP and MySql]

Some cool class projects I have done....

Twitter Widget screenshot
During my Software Usability class we were give an assignment to work with a partner to create a small program that will help users do something more easily. We were given a week to do this. That is when Ben Roux and I came up with Bird feed. This is a twitter widget for the mac which allows you to stalk your friends with just the hit of a button [F12].
Wi-fi remote screenshot
Wi-fi Remote is another product of my Software Usability class. The aim was to create a basic media controller for your desktop using your a mobile device as the remote. A webserver is started on your desktop, the mobile device connects to the server and a specific interface is launched depending on your mobile device. You choose the kind of application you wish to control and it works like magic. The server code was done in C# and the mobile interfaces were created using HTML and Javascript.
Instant messnging client
The major project for Computer science 2 (Freshman Year) was to create an Instant messenger that would work on the RIT network. This was written in Java 5. Multi threading, network connections in Java and Swing (Java UI widget toolkit) were major parts of this project.
Children Math Game
During my Software Engineering 1 class my team and I created a Math game for children [Grades 1 and 2]. It was a Pac man like game where the children are asked a math question and they eat the correct answers to get points. This game was a web application created in Java. [Created in 2005]
Math Puzzle Solver
During Computer Science 4 we were asked to create a generic math puzzle solver. You create a program where you give it a set of inputs, give it a solution format and it will calculate the answer for you. Concepts that were used in this class include but are not limited to: Data Structures, Use of Generics in Java and polymorphism.





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